Usb parallel adapter mac os x

Have the computer booted up and ready 2. Connect the Centronics end of the cable to the printer 3.

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Power up the printer 4. Connect the other end of the cable to an unused USB port on the computer Immediately Vista recognized the printer, installed the driver and reported that everything was ready to go. All automatically, in maybe 5 or 10 seconds. Replaced an older two-cable connector and worked without any issues. Previous user of old cable said this cable worked faster when sending jobs to the laser cutter.

I would no longer recommend using this on a newer OSX system. I love my LaserJet 4 since it is so reliable and cheap to operate, and didn't want to rely exclusively on my inkjet printer. I decided to give this cable a try since it had good reviews. I took a risk using it on a Mac since it didn't state that it supported Macs, but it ended up working perfectly.

Installation was a breeze. Note that this cable does not plug directly into the printer, but plugs into the computer end of the existing parallel cable. AYA 6Ft.

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And I was able to find the HP printer drivers. What more do you need from a cable? This worked great. I received a computer upgrade at work and the newer laptop docking station didn't have a parallel to parallel capability for my desktop HP LaserJet 5M. Since this printer is no longer supported in my office, I would have been restricted to the "group" printer without this cable. I hooked it up and downloaded the drivers and I'm back in business. Great product, really fast shipping!

Very happy!

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This cable works as advertised if you install it in the correct order. You have to plug the cable into the USB port without the printer attached first. This allows Windows 7 to detect the cable and assign the drivers properly. Once the cable is fully recognized, then you can plug in the printer. Once you plug in the printer, you have to assign it to the USB Printer port on the list as that is the new driver from the cable setup. Don't select the Parallel Port and you should be fine. If you need to load the Laserjet's printer driver separately, you can do that, but just select the USB Printer as the local port.

Once that is done, it works great and allows Oct 20, 1, 1 Austin. My gf has a parallel port printing Brother Laserjet printer that I know she is not going to want to give up. Queso Suspended. Mar 4, 11, 7. Keyspan do one.

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Not cheap mind. GimmeSlack12 macrumors Apr 29, 5, 7 San Francisco. I'd say get a new printer, but then again, I'm a billionaire.

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  5. I'm sure that even if the drivers aren't included in default OSX they'll be included in the free Gutenprint bundle. The downloadable DMG also contains instructions on how to set it up. No harder than a standard USB printer. Where can obtain an universal driver for this and another scanners?. This was after a lengthy period of trying the Gutenprint solution, talking to HP support and a whole hour on the phone to Apple trying all they had to offer. Life however is far too short and I decided to call it a day.

    The HP 4L is now in land fill. Searching in the internet I found this alternative to use old parallels scanners. I send you the links. Dear Ian I cannot thankyou enough for your posting. Kind regards David. You are welcome, David! I continue to be surprised how helpful this article is for people even to this day.

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