Transferring contacts from mac to android

If you want to migrate contacts from iPhone to Android without computer, you can jump to your Google account to sync and transfer all your contacts.

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The process will be finished on your iPhone and Android phone — no computer necessary. Now that you have your iPhone contacts synced with Google account, it's time to log in to your Android phone with Google account and enabled Google Contacts sync feature. Also see: How to recover contacts on Android phone. Apple's iCloud always comes in handy for moving contacts from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Here's how to do it. Before making the move, you'll first need to enable iCloud Contacts on iPhone. Once the syncing process is done, follow these steps to export contacts from iCloud and move to Android phone:. Aside from copying VCF that contains contacts to phone's storage, you can also choose to upload iPhone contacts to Google by importing your vCard using Google Contacts , then sync with your Android device. Our most popular iPhone tutorials: How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. If you're not good at planning ahead, there is another old-fashion option — iTunes, for migrating contacts from old iPhone to new Android phone.

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Turn on your computer and sign in your Google account. After that, you'll see an interface like below.

Just choose the contacts you wish to export and decide the export format as you like. Next, you can click "Export" button to save your contacts from Android to PC. By using this way, you can make use of the inbuilt "Contacts" feature on your phone. Here is how:. Enter the "Contacts" App on your mobile phone and click the " Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to computer.

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When the mobile phone is recognized, you can simply drag and drop the vCard file to PC. It might take you several minutes finding the vCard files. We have mentioned 4 contact transfer methods above, then which one is better?

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

To help you choose the proper method more easily, we would like to make a comparison for these 4 ways. As long as you purchase an Android phone, you inevitably need to manage the contacts on your device.

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To simplify the management process, you can turn to the Android contacts manager software mentioned above - MobiKin Assistant for Android. In addition to exporting contacts, this program empowers you to add, delete, edit your phone contacts on PC and import contacts to your mobile phone as well. And not only contacts, other file types like text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, etc. WIth it, you are able to manage your Android phone with ease.

If you are interested in it, you can click the icon below to get the tool. That's all for how to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer. You could also use a third party app to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device if you haven't signed in any Google account.

Method 2 – iCloud

Then, use a free convert to transfer the exported contacts into a VCF file, and import it your Android device. Now, download this tool by clicking the button below. And follow the steps below to make things done. Step 2 : If you want to transfer contacts only, go to click More and keep Contacts selected.

As you can see, it would be time-saving to use MobiMover to transfer all the supported files from your iPhone to the computer at once. Step 3 : Click the folder icon and set a storage path for the contacts to be imported from your iPhone to your computer.

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Step 4 : Click Transfer to begin exporting contacts from your iPhone to the computer. Wait for the process to finish patiently. If you want to check the transferred items, open the contacts in HTML format on your computer with a browser to do it. As you see, it's quite fast and easy to move iPhone contacts to the computer with MobiMover as well as other iOS data, including photos, messages, audios, videos, and books. Have a try if you need. The first three approaches are less complicated compared with the last one as long as you have a Google account.

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All the files migration can be done with one click. Or do you know how to transfer files from…. Duke - Contacts are so important to you that it is necessary for you to backup iPhone contacts to computer once a while to make….