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In 4K and ran out of disk space. My guess was my SxS driver was not working with El Capitan So I downloaded SxS device driver v2. I just got a white screen. Today my mac guru recommended to start the MacBook Pro without extensions pressing down "shift"-key. Just as usual.

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Just to give it one more try. This time installation was successful! MacBook Pro started up. No problems!

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I could copy the 4K xavc files and look at them in Sony Contend Browser 2. Everything is working fine now. No idea!

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Perhaps deinstallation of SxS driver deleted some orphaned extensions!? So my recommendation now would be to run the deinstallion process with SxS device driver installation utility before actually installing the new SxS driver version. Hopefully my system keeps working.

LINK interface to mount the device as an optical disc drive. The new i.

Sony’s Mac SxS driver doesn’t play well with the Duel Systems Adapter

The Windows i. Link FAM driver has not been changed. Notice Earlier notices on this page erroneously indicated that the latest Windows FAM driver was version 2. However, this version is still not compatible with Final Cut Pro X read the associated release note.

Sony Firmware Update

The separate applications will eventually be phased out as more of their major features are ported over to XDCAM Browser. See the release notes for a list of new features added to this release. Link FAM interface , please update your i. Bonjour, Je viens de changer mon ordinateur mac. Je monte me films sur Final Cut Pro X. So what am I doing wrong? But I'm barely getting 1x upload speed. Just noticed I do not have write access to the cards either.

Tried to format a card in Content Browser 2 and everything is coming up read only.

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And yes, Write Protection is turned off on the cards. Not sure if it is necessary, but I cannot reinstall it on OS X Mac OS X I submitted a post to Sony's support site and received the following email: Dear Mr. We are working on getting the updates released as soon as possible. Expected release is mid to end of November. Regards, Douglas B Sr. That'll teach me to be an early adopter. Fingers crossed.

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Thanks Nate Just installed it, and it's all good. I'm back at the speedy ingest speeds for my card.