Hp color laserjet 1600 drivers for mac

An install program to assist with installation of the print driver.

Version Version can be found by selecting the About button in the Basics tab of the printer driver. The utility can be used with a USB connection. Be sure to use the firmware update utility that is specific to your printer model. This update is recommended for the HP Color LaserJet Series that have a firmware version older than the one posted. Any ideas to help out? Please let me know these two so I can be on my way. Hey, whoever is in charge of this forum and helping out with this. I can only print black and white. What can I do???? Everything worked perfectly Thank you for the wonderful step by step instructions!

Any other ideas please?

How to install a HP Colour LaserJet - Apple Community

I am the only person on this machine my home system and I tried every combination — no luck. Any ideas? However the number of people having the issue led me to do a little research. The post will be updated shortly with some instructions that can be tried. Great wrightup!!! Thank you from the bottom of my mac book. I was asked for a password which was my name and administrator password for my mac. Worked perfectly and the color is as good as this machine gets rather nice actually.

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this writeup!!! Matt how do I uninstall the drivers, I am using a hp photosmart C All in one that is compatible with Mac. Now the problem I found is that because of your drivers I can only print one copy at a time. Your drivers have disabled the computer settings, so when I press print and I input the number of copies to print I just prints one. You could try running the. DMG files again — sometimes an uninstall is included with the installer, and it might trigger uninstallation options.

You could also see if any printer-related stuff was thrown in Applications, but again with the computer being toast these are just guesses. Perhaps someone else has uninstalled them and will post instructions. Best of luck! I have changed my printer options to color and the configuration was successful.

I was able to use my root name and password to log in. However, now when I print a test page or any other page , nothing happens. It says that the job was sent. But nothing prints. If I change the color mode back to black and white, it works again. Hi Matt, any chance that these drivers will work with Snow Leopard? Colin: Very good question. Might get lucky and maybe one of the working drivers included does work.

Thanks Paul! And by the way, a big thankyou to Matt for posting spot-on instructions, and the drivers as well. They are difficult to find elsewhere now. I still could not find HP from the printer driver list. Thank you so much for taking the time to solve the problem so many of us have encountered.

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I managed to get the printer working in colour after entering my username and password. Thank you very much Matt for the HP driver setup. It is very simple to install. I went through you procedure.

In the following window I type my Username and Password. Maybe you could help me? At least , I am able to use the printer in monochrome, we made some progress. This has resolved the issue for me. Little update — I came across a new link for the drivers, so I updated the link and added the drivers to the write-up.

They should support Snow Leopard for those having issues with the original package. Note that I have NOT tested the new drivers — hopefully they work. If anyone has problems please leave a comment. Following on tread 26, I had the same error with those 2 http addresses. However, I notice that Color mode was still indicating Color. So, I printed a page and a colored page was printed. The difference from yesterday was that, I shutdown the computer and all peripherals. This resetted all registers and it is still printing a color page.

It appears the Kubuntu has the same problem. I think the problem is with Unix Printing System response. Thank you for you help, now I have a usable printer. Thiemo Thanks so much. Your solution also resolved this issue for me.

HP Color LaserJet 1600 Drivers Software Download

Hi, I am not having the same luck here… I am just switched over to a macbook from a pc, and have a hp color laserjet I downloaded all three drivers and installed them, but when I go into the setting, printer, and from there I am stuck. Under print using: it doesnt bring up the , as shown in the screen shot. It sounds like the same issue roxy had. Any suggestions for the slightly broke graduate student who cannot afford to replace her printer?

I installed 1. Now I managed to select the printer from the list and get the printer working. Still no color printing yet. Can you help us further? However, when I update to SL, it cannot work more. Actually, I can print the color with Safari and Preview, but cannot print the color with Iwork It is very strange. It can print in color. However, it has a very serious Color Distortion. And also, it seems cannot print the whole pages well. There is a very serious color distortion. Because of the drivers I installed from this web site any time I print with ANY other printer I can only print one copy at a time.

It may be worth a try. If you are an adminitrative user on a Mac, you will belong to the admin group and most likely the lpadmin group, so you need to add those into this section of the file to be able to save your new printer default settings. Went back into the local cups page in Safari and was able to save my changes. Still not printing in color though… any color jobs sent to the printer show up in the print queue, but the printer itself ignores them.


HP Color LaserJet 1600 Printer Drivers Update Download

First of all thanks for your detailed information. On my macbook with OS X I changed the settings to colour, but my username and password were only accepted after having logged out as me shut down the system and logged in as root after having enabled root.

Now, even with the setting to colour, it only prints in black and white. Thanks so much ;o Regards Jeppe. Thanks for the help thus far… here is my problem, i am running leopard and when i print in color it looks awful… nothing like printing with my PC. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. After enabling root, I had to: — restart my machine — then log on as root — then make the changes to the settings — then log back on with my own ID. Any more suggestions? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, Thanks so much. Finally i can connect with my office printer and print.

Just one more problem left, print in color. Anyone have an update on how this issue resolved? Really hope anyone can help with this issue. Crap, I botched my installation from instructions from a forum. Neither entry works. How can I delete all my previous drivers and start scratch so I can install this?

Hp Color Laserjet 1600 Driver For Mac Download

I tried installing with this but my printer refuses to print. Matt, thank you so much for putting this walk-through together. The linked-to linuxfoundation. Am I missing something here? They seem to keep changing things on that site few months back they moved the page and made changes, and now by the looks of it some more has changed. Hopefully someone comes up with a new working solution with all the changes. Dear Matt, I download the foo2jzs from the website.

However, it should be run in the terminal. Can you help us to make it to dmg file so that we can just double click to install the drivers? The process appears to be sending the file to print but nothing happens and the queue clears normally. If I change it back to Monochrome, it prints fines though not in color of course. Got that working by re-starting my system, changing the root password and returning to CUPS.

Thanx all. This has been a real challenge for me but the posts about this have been quite helpful …bob. Thanx so much for the suggestion about changing the Bits per Plan value to 2. Worked like a charm. Thanks for such an incredibly clear, helpful article!!

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a problem with my ColorLaserJet Please help! How can I get my LaserJet to print in colors? User and Password works fine in localhost It only prints in black and white, and only show this in the color selection in Cups. Thanks for the site it is the best i have come across in a while. Thank for helping so far! I have exactly the same problem… Is this problem related to Snow Leopard?

See h Patrix Please make your comment an answer so I can delete my answer and mark yours as the resolution. I am unable to confirm that since I do not have such a printer. Ruskes Ruskes Disclaimer:, I do not have your printer to verify my answer first.

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