Clear downloads folder on mac

Alternatively, you can navigate to the following folder manually:. For your personal information, you may want to right-click on the folder and check how much storage space it is taking. Going through this process should help regain some of that space. Even if macOS has become smarter in the way it handles storage and unneeded files, it is still something you have to keep tab on, especially if you own an older computer. How to delete old attachments downloaded by the Mail app Follow these instructions to delete old email attachments: 1 Open a Finder window. The folder in question here is Downloads.

Select it from the dropdown menu in the right-hand pane in the default three-pane view of Automator. Then, drag the action Set Value of Variable from the middle pane to the blank workflow section below the dropdown menu. From the Variable list below this section, rename the variable to, say, new files , for convenience. Drag Filter Finder Items from the middle pane to the space below the first action.

How to Find the Downloads Folder on a Mac

Our filters will then look like they do in the screenshot below. To do this, drag the Move Finder Items to Trash action to the workflow section. Hazel even has a sample rule to clean the Downloads folder. All you have to do is select the checkboxes that go with the rules you want to activate. For example, you can select the Movies checkbox to send video files to the Movies folder automatically. You can edit the existing rules and add more of your own.

The Downloads automation also lets you discard duplicate files and incomplete downloads automatically. Creating new rules for other folders is also easy. Begin by adding the folder in question to the left-hand pane and you can then add, remove, and edit rules for this folder from the right-hand pane.

How to Change the File Download Location in Safari on Mac

As we saw above, you can not only keep your Downloads folder clean and tidy effortlessly, but also manage other folders across your Mac. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Read More next? Your email address will not be published. The scheduling doesn't seem to work, when the mac is shut down.

How to clear your downloads folder

Is there a way to boot the mac at a certain time too? I have a 2TB drive with millions of files on it. I just need the list of files with the following extensions ". I tried to get the complete list of files, since the drive is too big, workflow its taking long to finish. Question - my Automator folder action seems to fail when there is no item that matches the first filter. When I run this, if I dont have any items starting with the letter A, it never processes B. When I have both A and B, both process.

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Was trying to comment on the "8 Smart Folders" story. After logging in I was taken here instead. Please delete my previous comment. Excellent post! I already knew how to create basic Smart Folders my documents modified today, yesterday, and this week, for example , but I learned at least as much as I knew already from reading.

How to Delete Downloads on Mac

Is there something I'm missing? Even the pictures within a added folder? So the added folders will be losing it's pictures? Wasn't explained very clearly. Perhaps thinking as if someone does not know how to use OSX and they need help with something. The jargon used and vague descriptions did not provide any help what so ever.

How to find Mail Downloads on a Mac

Thank you for trying.