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This article will explain how to setup an email account in the Windows 10 mail application.

So, you want to access your email, eh? You're going to need an email client for that. But what is an email client? Email clients come in two varieties: webmail and email applications. Select Preferences. Click on the Accounts tab.

2. Protect the message you’ve already downloaded

Enter your Email Address. Enter your email account's Password.

Click the Continue button. A message should appear saying "Account must be manually configured". Click Next. Enter your full email address as the User Name. Enter the Password of your email account. Authentication should be set to Password. In the Export to Archive File. Use the dropdown arrow to select a location on your computer for your backup.

Set Up a Gmail Account Using the Mac's Mail Application

Provide a memorable file name and then click Save to continue. With the backup completed, you can now delete the POP account in Outlook. You should also delete the account on other devices you use for email.

In the Accounts panel that appears, select your email account and then click the minus button - near the bottom of the panel to delete the account from Outlook. The final step is to create a new email account on your computer using your IMAP server details.

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The Accounts panel will open, offering a range of account types. Click Add account and Outlook will attempt to retrieve your server details. If successful, your account will be set up and your email downloaded.

Troubleshoot problems

Alternatively, you can configure your server details manually. The panel will extend, showing additional configuration options. The Import panel opens and you are asked to choose the type of file to import.

To switch your email over to IMAP, you need to create a new account using the settings you've collected. If you entered the correct information, your new IMAP account should work right away. You will see an Inbox folder that is on the email server. Copy the messages you stored in your old inbox folder in step 2 to that folder, and they will be copied to your email server, so they will now be accessible from all your devices.

Do the same for any sent messages or drafts. You can sync the email account via iTunes, or on your iPad or iPhone, enter the necessary information in the Settings app, in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section.

Change Server Settings in Mail on Mac

The folder will be created on your mail server, and any messages you store in that folder will sync to all your devices. IMAP is much better for managing email across multiple devices. Twitter: mcelhearn Kirk is the author of Take Control of Scrivener 2.