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It has pretty much all the features you would need, including a fast and easy set-up process and considering the capturing results, this one is highly recommended. This device can handle PAL and NTSC video formats and delivers some quality digital files that you can play back any time on a computer or any other capable device. Once you get your digital files, burning them onto DVDs would be the next step. With just a touch of a button, you will be able to capture videos up to 30 fps and with a maximum resolution of p. This converter also works as an audio grabber capture card as it can digitize a live audio session and transfer all kinds of analog files to modern digital formats like MP3 or WAV.

It provides a quick way to save your old videos on a DVD and back up your important memories as VHS tapes usually start to degrade after 15 years. This one represents an inexpensive method for converting them. This little device comes with a USB 2. With a simple touch of a button, you can finally get rid of your old VHS tapes.

This is quite disappointing for Mac users but there are other options for them on this list. Having this up and running quickly is definitely possible as the device is easy to set up and use. This capture device requires a driver installation first and a software installation.

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The Video Studio software will be a huge help for novice users as it comes with a Movie Wizard which guides you through the functions of the tool allowing you to finish stylish movies in no times. The converter can capture both video and audio via USB 2. As this unit supports virtually any analog video source, you can easily connect a VCR or camcorder to a Windows computer.

The software is decent and the price is in the affordable range. There are lots of converting solutions on the market right now, but few are better than the one provided by Top-Longer. The first thing you will probably notice about this model is how small and lightweight it is. You can easily take it with you if needed and quickly put it to a new converting task. This unit is capable of connecting to lots of analog video sources to a Windows PC or Mac.

It can capture videos at a maximum resolution of p and a smooth 30 fps motion. Left and right RCA audio inputs are also provided, and the video is fully synced with the sound. Installing the necessary drivers and software is not particularly hard though it can be a bit harder for novice users.

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Having real-time recording right in the palm of your hand is quite the convenience. The quality of the cable is not top-notch but at this price, the Top-Longer VHS to DVD converter represents a decent alternative to going to a specialized center where they could charge you way more money for such a relatively basic operation.

The V. This model has lots of interesting features including great OS compatibility and the snapshot function. To connect this unit to a computer you can do it via USB 2. The device should start working right away. TOP seems to have good customer support. Using the snapshot function it can also capture pictures with ease. There is support for both PC and Macs and for various analog video sources.

By just pressing a single button you can start converting your old memories very quickly. Working as expected and without any issues, the V.

Video-2-Mac. VHS and Camcorder USB capture kit.

Is there a better way out there to recover your old videos from an outdated technology like VHS than by choosing a reliable converter? This one provided by UCEC functions well and is compatible with multiple interfaces to enable you the ability to digitize your favorite VHS tapes. This video grabber can efficiently collect data from the original VHS source, like a VCR, and display it on a computer where you can do whatever you want with the video files including playing, sharing, and burning them to a DVD. Nothing complicated like installing drivers is required. Just plug and play.

You will have to get the Honestech software included but this is easy to do even for novice users.

How to Import Mini DV Tapes on a Mac

Just make sure that you correctly insert the printed product key from the mini CD. As this model can connect to lots of analog devices, it should be able to connect to any VHS player and old camcorder and get important files converted to a digital format. The reviews are mixed since a lot of people have had a hard time getting it configured correctly. You will need the right software to record the video.

Video Capture and DVD Creation Made Simple

You will need the EasyCapViewer app installed in order to record the video. There's a list of supported devices on the EasyCapViewer website. Obviously, you get what you pay for, but if you want a cheap way to convert analog video, then this is worth a try. No, "cheap cables" will do you no good, because you require a computer peripheral to accept the analog video signal and convert it into a digital format. There is nothing inside your Mac that can accept analog video and convert it to digital.

Depending on the number of hours of video you need to convert, you may be better served by finding a company that will perform this service for you for a fee, rather that purchasing the equipment and learning to use it yourself. I'm not up-to-speed on the latest technology, but working from VHS tapes, you would be looking for a conversion device that accepts Composite video or S-Video, along with unbalanced RCA stereo audio, and which performs the analog-to-digital conversion and outputs a digital signal, over FireWire or USB, that Apple iMovie can record.

This is similar to old "telecine" methods of transferring film to video and it is very low tech provided you have a DSLR that can record video, preferably with a microphone input.

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